Jubes Originals

Rebecca Stidson

Heather Ford

Beautifully handmade mosaics by the very talented Jan Daniels. Her mosaics are made using various pieces of vintage pottery, metal, shell and glass nuggets.


 Lots of different designs to choose from. Jan takes the principles of shaping small coloured pieces of tiles, glass,pottery or tesserae and transforms them into what is a pleasing form of art.

A very unique process is used to create her work using a glue based paint to produce an embossed outline, then liquid acrylic is added onto a very heavy watercolour paper, which absorbs the colour and produces the glowing colours and vibrancy of her unique images.


Using simple shapes, rich colour and this decorative technique she depicts a variety of subjects, from fairytale landscapes, quirky cupcakes to sunny days at the beach. She also can work to commission and can portray an individual house or landscape in her distinctive style.

Heather specializes in painting portraits on a large scale, in oils. Her paintings are very distinctive in style comprising of small painted squares representing mosaic tiles. The underpainting of her portraits help to identify the variety of tones and magnitude of colours hidden in her portraits.

Heather includes graphic imagery, specific to the subject, which help to create a much deeper meaning to the portraits.

The eyes of her portraits are always the focal point of her paintings because she feels they capture the depths of the soul.

Heather recently retired as an art teacher and is now a full time practicing artist and art tutor.