John Gammans

Carolyn Lefley

Jenny Graham

John's artwork is a recording of his response to something that has taken his breath away, causing him to be in awe and most importantly causing an emotional response.


He want his artwork to represent the derived emotion of the subject, to convey something of the feeling, not to dictate, but to start a personal narrative, like evoking a memory or recalling a dream.


John's inspiration is the natural world, especially the weather and it’s effect on light and colour in landscapes. He has come to realise that it is the formation and erosion created by the natural world that is his greatest inspiration. The formation of a weather systems to create beautiful dramatic skies to the erosion, caused by the same, that creates our landscapes, coastlines and forests.


The manner in which he works is very representative of the very thing that inspires him. I try not to make too many conscious decisions, relying on instinct and feeling more than anything else. He hardly ever uses brushes, choosing to work primarily with palette knives, rags and anything else that is at hand. He likes to encourage happy accidents, forming layers of paint and powdered pigments before using several invasive techniques to create erosion.


He considers his artwork to be his own little time capsule, recording his personal perspective of the world, capturing his emotions and speaking a million words where he cannot. John hopes that his artwork will resonate with others and invoke something of the awe and majesty that has sparked within him.

My work consists of various creative strands. My core practice is that of a painter of landscapes, and a continual fascination with places and the need to understand and interpret the ways in which we recall the natural world recurs throughout all my  work.


However, my interest in experimentation with other media is ongoing and recent projects and residencies have given me the opportunity to explore alternative ways of working. I believe it’s important to keep an open mind and working cross media allows me to explore avenues of creativity I might otherwise have ignored. Each part of my practice feeds into and supports the others.

Carolyn Lefley is a visual artist, writer and educator. Her work uses photography and moving image to explore belonging, belief and the natural world. She makes work in the rural landscape and in the studio using playful dioramas. Carolyn works with digital photography to create manipulated realities as well as using traditional techniques such as cyanotypes and liquid emulsion. Her meditative short films explore elemental themes.



Carolyn writes about photography and expanded media, and is co-author of the photography textbook ‘Rethinking Photography’ (Routledge, 2015). She has taught as a Lecturer in Photography at the University of Hertfordshire, Coventry University, Anglia Ruskin University, University of the Arts London and the University of West London